Kandorah Subha

200.00 AED

Your Subha reflects the same color as your Kandorah! A unique blue-white color, the exceptional “Juwait” of the modern Emirati Kandorah, a shade that we finally obtained in our 3D printers to make our color matching Subhas reflecting the Emirati Kandorah, designed with classic shape and size beads. This is not all we have… The regular karkush has been replaced by the Emirati “Tarbouch”. A man’s elegance topped with a Subha of the same color and name.

– 33 cylinder-shaped beads
– PLA material
– 3D printed
– Silk threading
– Divider after every 11th bead
– Blue-white “Juwait” color Tarbouch
– Eco-friendly
– Made using 100% sustainable processes

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