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What is Emirati dress?

The men’s and women’s clothing in the UAE society resembles those of neighboring Gulf societies. Men wear the “Kandora” which is the traditional Arab dress with the addition of the “Tarboush” in the middle which comes in the same color as the “Kandora”. Men also wear the “Shemagh” or the “Ghutra” on the head topped with the “Agal” with its black circular shape. Underwear is usually of cool white cotton to fit the climate of the region. As for women, they usually wear the veiled Jalabiya under the black cloak and the Sheila or “veil”. Some of them cover their faces with what is known as the “Niqab”. Many of the details of this heritage, especially regarding women, are customary in the Arabian Peninsula even before the advent of Islam.

Do Emiratis wear traditional Emirati clothing even today?

Emiratis and Gulf people in general still wear traditional dress daily as it is the official dress for work in most administrative jobs. Also, due to its conformity to the atmosphere and the habit of wearing it, many Gulf people prefer to always wear the traditional dress.

Where can I get the Emirati dress?

At Signature Yashmagh, we offer a selection of Emirati men’s clothing, while we can also provide guidance and consultancy upon request.

How much does the Emirati men's dress cost?

Prices vary according to the types of fabric, size, and design technique, but they start at approximately 150 AED and may reach 500 AED for one man’s Kandora.

I am filming a movie or having an event that requires wearing the Emirati dress properly, how can I get help?

We can provide the proper Emirati men’s products in their locally approved form, as well as provide a remote or field consulting service at the project site provided by Emiratis to ensure that the Emirati men’s and women’s uniforms are worn in the correct and appropriate manner. To be able to provide optimal services and help convey the cultural message internationally through it, we would need to be informed in advance of the project details and timing.

What are the conditions for accepting requests for counseling services?

Respecting authentic Emirati customs, traditions, and values. The work or project should be of benefit to the UAE society and highlights its traditional clothing in a modern, civilized way. The partners must also acknowledge the value of these products and the possibility of sharing them financially according to the further details and quantities.