Brilliant White

Hand Wash

The garments of Signature’s Shemagh or Ghutra do not require daily washing, and when washed, it must be done by hand, away from any washing machinery which may affect the weave by scattering its threads. It is okay to use Signature’s Shmagh Shampoo for washing.

Regular Temperature

It is okay to use soap with water to wash Signature’s Shmagh and Ghutra for a period that does not exceed 10 minutes, and the water’s temperature must be regular to cold, to avoid any unwanted change in color. Using warm water can change the original color.

Avoid Drying Under the Sun

After the process of washing, the garments require drying for a period that does not exceed 15 minutes, this is due to the lightness of the woven threads which does not allow water to be retained in them, and it is preferred NOT to be placed under the sun directly as that can cause yellowing of the fabric.

Appropriate Ironing

It is okay to use any iron available with an appropriate temperature so long as the base of the iron remains clean. This is because anything present on the surface of the base of the iron can reflect unwanted imperfections on the fabric.

Oud and Dukhoon

It is okay to use various types of Oud and Dukhoon as desired, however, they must not be left in an enclosed space with the fabric for extended periods of time, where (especially “perfumed Oud”) can affect the degree of whiteness of the fabric.

Hang in a cold place

Keeping Signature’s Shmagh or Ghutra in enclosed cabinets or shelves for extended periods of time makes them more vulnerable to yellowing due to the fabric’s sensitivity to heat.